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2 pcs 4mm Umbrella needle bracelet knitting

Product Price RM 20
Product Qty Qty:

【Introduction】 single product
   Net weight: 0.009KG   
   Length: 78mm Diameter: 5mm
   Color: stainless steel

   Uses: umbrella rope weaving aids, DIY wooden platform accessories, metal luggage accessories. Widely used, mainly used for umbrella cord weaving and DIY color / color mixing bracelet, but also bags, rucksacks, travel bags, camera bags, computer bags, luggage series, clothing decoration. 
  No brand, neutral.  Can be customized according to user requirements packaging, logo, tag and so on.

【Packing Details】 Quantity: 1000 pcs / box (100 pcs / bag)
                 Gross Weight: 11KG
                 Box: 20 * 20 * 15cm

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