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4.2L large camping hanging pots

Item Name 4.2L large camping hanging pots
Price RM 80
 Name: hanging pot

Specifications: 215 * 140mm lid to handle height of 18cm about 4.2L

Weight: 810g (including cartons)

Features: This pot is designed for the base camp, large team, many people designed to play the capacity of the camp to the pot. You can quickly provide more people diet and hot water. The pot is made of hard alumina. Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, safe and healthy! High-quality stainless steel handle handle weighing up to 10 kg, in addition to the conventional furnace can be heated, but also can be used as hanging pot bonfire heating!

Hanging pot:
Diameter: 22cm
Height about 14cm
Material: made of hard alumina
Gross Weight: 600g

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