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Emergency Shelter tube tent

Item Name Emergency Shelter tube tent!
Price RM 19
Description This product is an international emergency emergency necessities, suitable for field adventure, inspection, tourism, disaster occurs when used. Easy to carry, compact, beautiful, practical.

Area: length 250CM × width 100CM × high 90CM
Material: PET film
Color: Silver Aluminized (Silver) Film Edge with yellow identification band
International Standard Thickness: 12um (microns)
Exports of European and foreign trade products, through the CE European safety certification.

Place the folded tent on a flat floor and pass the attached nylon rope through the inside of the tent, securing both ends of the rope to trees or other fixed positions where the bottom of the tent can be pressed (such as a backpack, stone) In a fixed position.
Do not open when not in use, do not be too close to the fire source.
A variety of uses, the international emergency emergency life-saving essential goods, emergency treasure chest of the necessary
A. In the event of a sudden disaster, this life-saving tent can effectively maintain the human body temperature, as a temporary first aid equipment, waiting for the rear support.
B. In the event of an accident, apply to first aid, in the field of injury, can dress wounds, to avoid excessive bleeding, can be used as a temporary stretcher, can also be used to cover the injured body, both to prevent the loss of heat or exposure in the sun , 80% of the effective reflection of radiant energy (including human calories and solar energy), and can be similar to mirrors for traffic warnings or signals to rescuers.
C. For emergency repair of the car, in order to avoid grease and spread on the ground when the staff in the clean operation of the case, the summer car inside the front glass for dark light, can also be used when the temporary poncho, camping or picnic Of the temporary meal cushion.
D. High strength, the length of the direction of twisting rope can be loaded weight 1.5 tons.
E. In the hot climate effectively reflect the sun and heat, keep the body temperature.
Product Features:
1. can reflect more than 80% of the human body heat, emergency can wrap the body, to avoid body temperature loss;
2. Wind, rain, reflective, easy to cause relief workers attention;
3. After folding small size, light weight, outdoor activities necessary.
4. Can be used repeatedly
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