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Emergency sleeping bag

Item Name Emergency sleeping bag
Price RM 12
Description Specifications: 213X91cm 
Material: PET Film 
Color: Double Silver 
Weight: about 78 grams

The main uses are as follows:

Insulation blanket is the name of the name of insulation, cold, wrapped in the body or vulnerable to frozen parts, can reflect the body out of the heat, to achieve the effect of insulation. In the use of low temperature environment, can maintain 80% of their own heat does not emit, a strong reflective, easier to rescue the staff found that the field is an essential tool for survival. In the sleeping bag plus a layer can improve the insulation capacity, to ensure that the sleep temperature is very good.
[first aid]
Decline in body temperature will exacerbate the injury of the injured, wrapped blanket blanket is a protection of patients. In addition, when the injured patients to see the body wrapped with blanket, suggesting that the person has been injured and after primary first aid, medical staff will give priority to its further inspection and treatment, the opportunity to save the injured patients increased, time is life.
[Reflective] When the 
field was killed, the blanket was wrapped around the body, using its reflective effect to help rescue personnel to find the target.
[When stretcher] 
insulation blanket toughness is good, light, soft, plastic and strong, can be used as a stretcher. Some people have done the test, so that 200 pounds of people lying on the expansion of the blanket, six people at the same time picked up the four corners of the blanket and blanket in the middle, even without damage! Of course, this stretcher is only a temporary measure for short-range use. Use attention to synchronous operation, otherwise it will easily tear, fall sick patients.
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