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archon tectical pants

Item Name archon tectical pants 
Price RM170
The essence of the brand set design for many years, the effort to build a series of urban tactical clothing, especially the introduction of the first urban tactical pants, the pants in the introduction of multi-functional design, Slim, sports, low-key concept, Chair of professional players and more all-weather test use, and constant revision in actual combat, the final completion of this a more suitable environment full use Hou tactics pants.
     Special custom blended fabrics, material 97% cotton 3% spandex, high performance two-way weft stretch fabric, the fabric thick yet flexible, zonal elastic design, make the stretch to the limit during exercise, with design Slim models .
      Crotch triangular inserts designed to maximize strengthened sutures fastness, feel free to make use of the wearer to provide protection, but also increase the flexibility of this section pants. 
    Knee using DARTS design, ergonomics, it is possible to adjust trim pants, making it more suitable for the wearer's body.
    SWAT tactical pants especially suitable for events, shooting fighting, roaming the city, hiking, climbing mountaineering and other sports.
   Shrinking wash water treatment, shrinkage to a minimum. Soft, strong double-sided stretch. Double sewing.Accessories using military regulations nylon Velcro to ensure that the bond strength and durability . Knee ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort of movement. The knee and the design can be placed built-in knee pads. Overall design Slim, low-profile, multi-functional, urban , outdoor sports for the idea.
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