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Silicone Travel Tube Container

Item Name

Fashion Silicone Cosmetic Points Bottling Lotion Shampoo Bath Shower Gel Tube Container Travel Packing Bottle

Price RM48
1.Food Grade BPA Free Silicone High Transparency
  The high-quality silicone, easy squeeze
  Designed with safety first and convenience a close second

2. The suction cup design, easy to use
Strong suction cup to hang your bottles on your hotel bathroom wall for easy access to
your shampoo and body lotions! Beckly made sure that these are the easiest and safest bottles a traveler can use!
Silicone travelers bottle are designed with a silicone stretchy film in the small mouth and 3-layer anti-leakage cap design! In plain English that means that " It will NOT leak!"

3.Fantastic Color and Size Choice
4. Turn logo
5. Tightness, prevent leakage
6. Scrub Bottle
7. The optical interface design to facilitate filling


3 pcs* Bottles(S/M/L)
Available Stock Stock count here!

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